The trend has not been our friend. Dry weather continues in my area. We survived the bad heat during the Iroquois fair. However, we did not get that big fair rain that we seem to always get. A few people reported to me that they received one-tenth to three-tenths, but many said they did not receive any rain. It has started to get really serious in my area. Thankfully, it looks to be a little cooler for a while, which will help.

The corn is all in some stage of pollination. The first-planted corn is at brown silk, but a lot of the corn is still pollinating. I have started to see planes and ground sprayers out in the cornfields spraying fungicide. In the scouting that I have done, I have not seen much disease pressure and very little insects. The very light sandy ground is really getting burned up. A lot of the corn has firing of the bottom leaves.

The soybeans have not been growing much with the heat and dry weather. The earlier beans are in the R stages of growth. In some of the rows that were shaded, you now can see between the rows. It looks to me like we will have short beans around here this year. We are really in need of a big drink of water here. I talked with a large number of farmers this last week, and they all are getting very concerned with the dry conditions.