Greetings! My name is Glenna Taylor, and along with my husband, Bart, it will be a pleasure to share what’s happening in and around our fields, which are located primarily in southeastern Douglas County. Our home farm is situated very near to where Douglas, Coles and Edgar counties meet. This is only a problem if you don’t like living in one county, having an address in another and a telephone number in yet another. Some people would look at it as living in the boondocks, but we look at it as being diversified. Oh, who are we kidding? We do live in the boondocks!

My roles, on the other hand, are diversified. Besides being a farmer, I am the Sargent Township clerk and treasurer of the Bowdre-Sargent Multi Township Board. I am a proponent of Alzheimer’s awareness, and I am the CEO of Get It to The Bin Inc. I am the District 12 director for the Illinois Corn Growers Association, which includes the counties of Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Crawford, Douglas, Edgar and Jasper. Plus, I hold a bachelor’s degree in education with teacher certification from Eastern Illinois University.

Due to several warm rains over the past week, the corn has really taken off. This time of year, I find myself looking out the bedroom window each morning declaring that the corn visibly grew overnight. Because of the varied planting dates, soybeans in the area range anywhere from emerging to six inches tall. The amber waves of grain are ripening, and it won’t be long until we are talking about harvesting our wheat acres. In fact, Bart predicts the combine will be rolling in a week, depending on the weather. But then, what about our way of life doesn’t depend on the weather?

Most farmers in the area, us included, have mowed roadsides since finishing up planting. I will spare you the whole story of June 20, skip to the ending and pitch my plea: Bart’s compact tractor with mower and my John Deere Gator both came to rest on their sides in four feet of water after flipping down the ditch bank, and so I beg of you to let our accident be your warning.

And speaking of things gone awry, aren’t you disgusted that American farm families have been put on the backburner once again in Washington, D.C.? The House dropped the ball on the farm bill, and it is uncertain when or in what form it will show up again. I urge you to contact your Congresspersons on a regular basis. Explain to them the urgency of the need — be specific, tell your story and make it count. Please contact me at I would love to hear from readers.