State fair has been in full swing. It seems like it rains every day at the fair. This has had to be the most comfortable summer weather we have had in my adult life. Hope everyone has enjoyed all the fun summer activities this year. This cool weather has not been the best for the crops, however. It may not be an early harvest. 

Out in the cornfields in my area, the ears are tipping back. They say rain makes grain, and we have not had much rain in quite some time. Monday, we did receive a good rain on two farms, but 90 percent of our family’s farms had less than two-tenths of rain and some with none. I feel like we have gone from the wettest area to the driest over the last five weeks. No question, we have been going downhill fast. It’s a good thing it has been cool all season or we would be in far worse shape with this dry period.

The beans are the same story as the corn, needing a rain bad and fast. The early beans look better than the later beans because they have had more time for growth. The few double-crop fields are really slow to grow. The beans do have good pod counts, but will be dropping pods if no good rains come. There are some bean fields that are really getting weedy.

I hate to be so negative all of a sudden, but it’s kind of what has been happening in my area. I sure hope we can get some kind of widespread rains in my area soon. I think some of the early corn had as good of a start as we have maybe ever had. That is the real disappointing part. Have a great and safe week.