Well, things have been going good since last week. We have received some good rains — about 1.5 to 2 inches — since last week. It has really cooled down compared to last week. Some of the nights are even kind of chilly.

All of the corn herbicide and nitrogen has been applied in my area. Most of the corn ranges from V9 to V5 and has a really deep-green color. The replanted drowned-out spots are looking good in both the corn and the beans. The tallest corn that I have walked in has been shoulder-high – however, I am 6 feet and 7 inches tall. I would say that most all of the corn is doing really good when considering the planting dates.

The first-planted soybeans have the rows shaded in narrow row, but not in 30-inch row yet. The last-planted beans are smaller, but are looking good with the rains we have had. A lot of spraying of herbicide has been taking place around in the bean fields. Some days have been challenging with the winds. I would say maybe half of the beans will be sprayed soon.

The wheat is really getting close to harvest in my area. I have not seen or heard of any harvested at this point, so I do not have any yield reports yet. I’m sure by this weekend some will be harvested. It seems to always get in the way of the Fourth of July around here.

This last weekend, I made a trip to southern Illinois and a little into Indiana. I could not believe the crops. Some of the early stuff looked OK, but a lot of the corn had been replanted at least once. Some of the beans had not yet been planted, and all of them were small. So many drown-outs, and it was still very wet in many areas. The wheat was doing very well in most of the areas I was in, but it has been very difficult to get it harvested and was going down in spots. I feel for my friends to the south.