Since my last update, the weather theme from our area has been cooler temperatures and rainfall. The 2 inches received over the past week arrived through multiple light showers, none producing more than three-quarters of an inch. The timeliness was terrific for the soybeans, and the “buzz” around bean yields is definitely getting louder. Should a large corn and soybean crop materialize, producers and commercial facilities will face challenges in harvest logistics. As a former elevator manager, a record — potentially wet — corn crop will keep you up at night.

Another logistical challenge will be the movement of grain during harvest. Timely movement of grain through outbound rail and truck transportation could also create a logjam at local and terminal facilities. In our area, commercial and producer grain storage has been increased significantly over the past five years. Even with these upright additions, I anticipate that we’ll see the use of ground piles again.

The cooler weather is definitely uncharacteristic for this time of year, but that seems to have been a constant this growing season. Has this pushed harvest back one, two or three weeks?

On our farm, we are hauling lime and preparing harvest equipment and grain bins. Midweek, a group of 40 Brazilian producers will be swinging through on their way to the University of Illinois in Champaign. We’ve pulled back out our planting equipment, so I’m sure motorists passing by think we’re a little confused about the season. Always fun to learn from fellow producers.