I’m Dale Pitstick. I farm with my family in central Kane County in Maple Park. Our operation is predominantly corn. We also raise some soybeans.

In the past two weeks, I have been able to drive over a good variety of our planted corn. I’ve been sidedressing 32%, so I really get to see the differences out in the fields. For the most part, all of the corn in the area looks great and is about V5 to V6. As always, the corn on soybeans’ ground looks the best. We have been getting hit-and-miss showers the past 10 days, but in a few hours we can roll again. By the end of this week, most all the corn will be too big to sidedress.

Soybeans have been slow to get going, but have really taken off the past few days. I’m really impressed with how things look in Kane and DeKalb counties. Most of the soybeans are V2.

I think, overall with the spring we’ve had, everything looks great around the area. I’m happy to have this opportunity to share what is going on around our area and our farm. I am also on the state Farm Bureau Young Leaders Committee. I represent District 1, which includes the counties of DeKalb, Kane, Lake and Mc Henry.