The area saw nice rains at the end of last week with totals ranging from 2 to 3 inches. Most of the rain soaked into the dry soil with little to no runoff, which was very beneficial to corn and soybeans. Most of the corn will be helped with additional kernel fill as long as it had not started to drop its ears down. Most of the corn is starting to dent or is right at the dent stage. I have been noticing more disease pressure in corn from gray leaf, charcoal rot and anthracnose, which may need to be watched closely for harvestability timing.

Double-crop beans have started growing again after the good drink they got and have started to bloom. Full-season beans are setting pods and looking nice since the rain. Beans will need to be watched closely for leaf disease since the rain and the foggy mornings that we have been having can cause disease to develop and justify fungicide applications.

Field days and plot tours are starting to take place, and it is always good to attend these to learn about the new technology and agronomic information that is coming forward. Have a good and safe week.