Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. I had a kind of crazy weekend. My brother’s wedding was held at my parents’ farm. Glad it all went great for them, but I am also glad to have the shop back as a shop.

Out in the cornfields, things are moving along. The hot, humid days are sure making some of the corn stretch out. I was hoping to be able to report the first tassels, but all you can see without opening up the whorl is sweet corn tassels. However, the first-planted corn is one leaf away from the tassel being out. The smallest corn I was in was at V6 to V7, but a lot of the corn around here is V9 to V11.

I have been a little concerned about height difference in corn at about the same growth stages. Some has been as much as 2.5 to 3 feet different at the same stages and only a mile or two from field to field. This may mean nothing, but it’s something that I have observed.

Some nitrogen-deficient spots have started to show up in some compacted areas in some fields. North of me, the corn has been rolling leaves on hot days. So it is, by far, not a perfect year. But, all in all, I think things are pretty good for being behind normal with planting.

The soybeans are almost all sprayed with a post herbicide application. It looks like most of weeds have been controlled. However, I have seen some waterhemp that looks like it is not going to die. This is a problem I was hoping was not in our area yet!

The larger beans have been blooming and have the rows shaded. But there are still some rather small beans around as you drive around the countryside.

As I said last week, we do not have wheat on our farm, but I have learned some yields that I can report. I have heard of 60 to 90-plus wheat. Most of those who have harvested have had to dry it. A lot of the wheat is still 18 percent in moisture, and the humidity has been a real challenge to get it harvested. Most feel that the fungicide made a big yield difference, but has kept the straw greener and made harvest speeds slower. Seems like the solution to one problem can create a new problem a lot of the time.