What happened to our nice weather? I was not ready for it to get this cold yet, but I guess I am never really ready. Harvest continues for most around here. However, some folks are starting to finish with their harvest.

It has been a mad dash to get the soybeans harvested for those that still needed to. The weather has not been very friendly for soybean harvesting lately. Still I think most were able to get finished up this week.

Corn harvest has been going well around here. Some people are getting into some drier corn — like 16 percent to 17 percent — but some are not finding any under 20 percent. The grain elevators have had lines some days. Yields seem to be dictated more by soil types than anything else. Some areas have a lot of corn to go, and others have a lot of it harvested.

Lots of tillage, lime, fertilizer and some strip-till without anhydrous are getting going. Wheat is growing and doing well. I cannot believe it’s November. Stay safe and have a great week.