Cutting seed wheat, baling straw and cutting tassels have been the main focus over the last week. The rains have quit after receiving one inch last week. We have had 10.05 inches over the last 30 days. The ponded fields have started to dry out, but the worst spots may not recover. The warmer temps and sunshine have put some color back into the soybeans. The beans could actually use a little stress right now to shorten the nodes on the plant for more podding.

We have been building an addition to our seed plant this summer. The foundation is complete, but we are still pouring the flat concrete. The steel framework is being assembled this week, as well. We are excited to expand our seed plant because it will allow us to be able to blend seed corn for Refuge-in-Bag products. This expansion is vital to the growth of Wyckoff Hybrids Inc. We want to keep the family-run seed company around for the next generation.

The big question now is: When do we start irrigators? Since we have had so much June rainfall, the roots on this corn crop are shallow. Letting corn stress right before tasseling is not ideal. Hopefully, timely rains keep coming. The best time spent right now is scouting your crops for weeds, bugs and diseases. If you can, get yourself a copy of Purdue’s Corn & Soybean Field Guide. It’s a great scouting tool.