INDIANAPOLIS — Things will be moo-ving at the Indiana State Fairgrounds when the 27th Hoosier Beef Congress gets underway Dec. 6-8.

The annual junior cattle show is open to all Hoosier youth who are members of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association.

Joe Moore, the IBCA executive vice president, noted that to meet the age requirements to show at the event, members must be enrolled in third grade this fall and not be more than 21 years of age by Dec. 31.

All cattle that are exhibited at the show must have 840 RFD tags, he noted, but the Indiana Board of Animal Health will not be at the event this year to put the tags in when the animals arrive at the fairgrounds.

The previous couple of years, Moore noted, BOAH was there to assist in tagging the show cattle with the identification tags when they checked into the event because the 840 RFD tagging system still was new to everyone.

Exhibitors participating in Hoosier Beef Congress must have all their cattle already equipped with 840 RFD tags before arriving for the show, he stressed.

From a show standpoint, Moore said, the use of the tagging system is quite beneficial because when the 840 RFD tag is scanned, the animal’s weight and owner information will show up electronically, which helps the IBCA ensure the show will run as smoothly as possibly.

This year, the IBCA once again will auction off the first 30 stalls for the Hoosier Beef Congress. The online auction is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Those who win one of the spots will be able to select where they would like to stall their animals for the duration of the event, which once again will be held in the Exposition Hall and Cattle Barn.

Half of the proceeds made from the online auction are donated to a charity, which is chosen by the junior IBCA members.

“Last year, they chose Make A Wish, and enough money was given to send an entire family to Disney World,” Moore said.

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