I cannot believe that school started. Where did this summer go? There’s still no rain in this part of the country. I have spent most of last few weeks getting tractors, corn pickers and plows ready to use at the Half Century of Progress Show. I enjoy vintage farm equipment and getting to play around for a few days. However, I must commend those of you that made a living by using mounted corn pickers and pull-type combines and two-bottom plows. I greatly respect the work it took to do the job and getting us to where we are today in agriculture.

Out in the fields, plants are needing a drink. We have done about everything we can do. It’s up to Mother Nature from here on out. The corn pollinated good. With the cooler weather we had, the corn didn’t abort the tips like I was afraid it might, and most all of the plants have a good ear. However, with the heat and no rain in the forecast, this crop is going to be shrinking by the day. We will still have an OK corn crop in my area, I think, but I was thinking it would be better than what it will be.

The soybeans are trying their best, too. The good news is I have not seen or heard of people having to spray for soybean aphids or spider mites yet. The beans have pods, but I have not seen a lot of real full bean pods at this point. Soybeans seem to really need late-August rain to fill the pods. I hope that a lot of the small pods don’t fall off in the next few weeks. The late-planted beans have a long ways to go and would not like an early frost.