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  • Morgan County facility offers countryside escape
    Cedar Creek Winery and Brew Co. is home to more than good drinks — it’s a place to unwind in the countryside with friends and family. 
  • Do you have what it takes to start a vineyard?
    Growing grapes is a challenging process that can be rewarding to growers with diligence and determination. More than 600 acres of grapes are grown in Indiana already, and the number continues to climb. 
  • Cattle auctions show hectic side of rural life
    It’s the night before an auction, and cattle are beginning to arrive. Manhattan Commission Co. already smells like livestock — it always does — but the back lot also is about to get loud. 
  • Prepare to meet farm financial pinch
    I often talk about how there are four areas where you can impact your farm business the most. When you list them in order of biggest impact, they are: production, having the right crop insurance for your operation, marketing well and a strong understanding of your farm’s financials. 
  • As session ends, a look at what happened
    Legislators wrapped up the first session of the 2015 General Assembly last week. For Indiana Farm Bureau, the session ended on a high note, with progress being made on several key issues. 
  • Cummins chief talks environment
    R.J. “Rich” Freeland, president and chief operating officer at Cummins Inc., spoke recently on the company’s commitment to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment at an AgrIInstitute Thought Leaders Luncheon in Indianapolis. 
  • Kelsay in the running for Farm Mom of the Year
    Amy Kelsay usually knows when her family and friends are up to something, but that was not the case when she found out she had been nominated for Farm Mom of the Year. 
  • Avian influenza strikes wild and domestic birds
    As U.S poultry producers continue to deal with outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is conducting active surveillance on all commercial poultry flocks through the National Poultry Improvement Plan. 
  • Catfights, Chipolte and staying connected
    Today, I want to talk about catfights and Chipotle’s anti-GMO message. Real, actual catfights. I have three cats; I’m one cat shy of crazy cat lady status. My youngest is Brady, a rescue cat
  • Planting begins
    It has been an interesting spring so far. The weather has been a challenge to outguess. Many producers had opted to hold back on planting until last week. 
  • Grain entrapments up nationwide in 2014
    The number of grain bin entrapments and resulting fatalities in the U.S. rose last year to their highest levels since 2010, due in part to the large amount of grain being stored on farms after a record harvest, a Purdue University expert says. 
  • Twin Willows Farm is a country oasis
    Erica Hopkins’ goat farm sits on six acres of rolling hills, pastures and lakes in northern Indiana. Goats and turkeys graze on the fields in Hopkins' backyard. 
  • Be Kind to Animals Week marks 100th year
    These days, people pay piles of cash to pamper their pets, but problems remain on the farm and in the slaughterhouse, on movie sets and at animal shelters — even in the wild. That’s why the American Humane Association is touting its past to move animal welfare forward. 
  • Ready to roll
    Corn planting began for just a few, mostly a little south of me about the first week of April. Most guys did not start then as it was pretty early for this area to start. We and many others did some planting around April 17-18, then we did get a small shower. 
  • Record harvest brings Indiana shipping record
    An Ohio River port in far southwestern Indiana has broken a state shipping record thanks largely to a big surge in grain shipments. The Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon shipped 1.75 million tons of cargo during the first quarter of 2015. 

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