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  • Former Brazilian farm boy heads Heartland unit
    Like any other young lad growing up on a farm 40 years ago, Carlos Hentschke learned firsthand the importance of hard work. Unlike today’s rural setting, raising both grain and livestock were commonplace as families on smaller farms tried to make ends meet. 
  • Rich in agriculture and history
    Alexander County’s history may be as rich as its agricultural diversity. Situated at the southernmost tip of Illinois, it has seen a lot in its storied existence. 
  • Farmers help drive environmental responsibility in Delaware
    Delaware is taking a proactive approach to the problems facing agriculture in the Delmarva Peninsula. The state works closely with farmers, environmental groups and others with a mission to prevent further contamination of the Chesapeake Bay, and poultry litter gets a good share of the attention. 
  • Red tape can complicate farming on peninsula
    Kevin Evans has plenty to keep him busy on his farm, where he grows vegetables, melons and row crops. Fortunately, someone else takes care of his nutrient management plan. 
  • Delaware poultry industry started with Mrs. Steele
    Delmarva’s huge poultry industry can be traced back to a woman who wanted to raise a few chicks. Back in 1923 Wilma Steele, the wife of a Coast Guard man, ordered 50 chicks to raise for her family and for a few neighbors, but an extra zero was put on the order and she received 500. 
  • Now not time for fewer inputs
    Think it’s the end of the game? Or the start of the next one? Try the end of halftime and the start of the second half. That’s according to the founder of 360 Yield, Gregg Sauder, who looks at farming like a football game. 
  • Old fairground, new funding
    When it comes to finding new ways to fund projects apart from dwindling state funds, one Illinois county fair board is saying “Go.” GoFundMe, that is, the new online crowdfunding site where donors can donate to charity groups and personal causes. 
  • Growing rice in Illinois
    One Alexander County farmer with land in the Mississippi River floodplain decided that if he couldn’t beat the river, he would let it work for him. Thus was born River Bend Rice. 
  • Want to improve yields?
    Commercial technologies are available today that can increase corn yields by 28 percent when used in a systems approach. 
  • Checklist provides guide to increased soybean yields
    Unlocking the production secrets to stubborn soybeans is frustrating, but in-field research is identifying ways to hike yields. Winfield’s Answer Plot program, entering its 15th year, allows growers to compare soybean varieties and corn hybrids, while gaining insights into crop production management. 
  • Remove emotion from selling corn and soybeans
    Developing a strategy for marketing grain can help take the emotion out of the process. “We encourage people to think about strategy over outlook,” said Cathy Ekstrand, senior market adviser at Stewart-Peterson Group. 
  • Robotic milking system boosts production
    Days start early for 29-year-old dairy farmer John Lawfer. Often in darkness, he heads to the barn, but instead of going to the milking parlor, he heads to his office. He calls up a program on his computer to check on the overnight data for milk production of the 115-head herd that has been milked overnight. 
  • S.D. producers raise Japanese cattle
    A few South Dakota producers are giving expensive Japanese cattle a try. Farmer Reid Jensen first got his hand on Wagyu cattle in 2010. He now has 70 cows and a couple of breeding bulls in his pastures in Burbank. 
  • Thai company plans Indiana facility
    Royal Interpack North America Inc., a manufacturer of recycled plastic rigid food packaging, announced plans to locate its operations here, creating up to 135 new jobs by 2018. 
  • Small plane crash kills 7
    A small plane returning from the NCAA basketball tournament in Indianapolis crashed April 7 near the city of Bloomington in central Illinois, killing all seven people, including the owner of a meat processing plant in Eureka. 

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