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  • Farmland values slip slightly in 2014
    After a sideways slide, a survey found Illinois farmland values dropped 1 percent to 3 percent in 2014. 
  • Students devour tasty lesson on ag, food production
    James is just 6, but he already has a handle on where his food comes from, at least one item. “What did we learn about the pig?” LeAnn Brantner asks 25 first-graders. 
  • Project may double Michigan hops harvest
    A recently announced project is set to double Michigan hops production by 2016. A Traverse City investment group that typically invests in commercial real estate, MI Local Investment, is prepared to break ground on a 400-acre hops farm in Williamsburg once the ground thaws. 
  • Where does your pizza come from?
    Do you know where the things you eat, wear and build with start out? Farms, fields and forests produce our agricultural products. 
  • Farm specializes in growing out-of-season vegetables
    Laban Kurtz quickly stepped out of the frosty subzero temperatures at his Cochranton-area farm and into his greenhouse, where it’s a balmy 70 degrees. He surveyed the nearly 6,000 plants in his hydroponic kingdom, a mix of lettuce, leafy greens, tomatoes, red peppers and other produce. 
  • 97 percent of all U.S. farms are family-owned
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that family-owned farms remain the backbone of the agriculture industry. The latest data come from the Census of Agriculture farm typology report and help shine light on the question, “What is a family farm?” 
  • Talking budget 'pain' and ag issues
    He is their “local boy made good,” but even Gov. Bruce Rauner’s new legislative director can’t change the reality of the state’s fiscal situation. 
  • Rauner sets precedent with visit to livestock reception
    They’ve got some concerns about his proposed budget, but there was no denying that Gov. Bruce Rauner’s historic visit to the State House Inn was appreciated. 
  • Illinois Agri-Women group selects leaders
    Susan Wall and Denise Smith will serve in leadership positions of the Illinois Agri-Women for the upcoming year. During the elections at the group’s annual meeting, members selected Wall, of Sorento, as the president and Smith, of Franklin, as vice president. 
  • Lieutenant governor meets with IAW members
    As the Illinois lieutenant governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti plans to make herself available through the good, the bad and the ugly. 
  • Farm Trek opens doors for Harvard students
    Rachel Loh was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. She’s lived and worked in Singapore and is a student at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. 
  • Waiting game or guessing game?
    In previous years, farmers have grown record crops in both corn and soybeans and have been rewarded for holding on to grain. However this year, the record crop has resulted in more corn being left over than in previous years, said Chuck Shelby, president and CEO of Risk Management Commodities. 
  • Optimistic outlook continues for 2015
    The outlook of the livestock industry for 2015 remains positive. After several years of decreasing supplies, the animal sector is experiencing a period of recovery and rebuilding, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt said. 
  • Chinese project highlights world water woes
    Water issues loom for our planet, but what gets the most media attention? In a 30-second sound-bite world, it is Kim Kardashian and her ample rear assets, questioned Simon Atkins, climate economist and disaster risk forecaster. 
  • Foliar diseases may curb forage production
    Foliar diseases can damage the leaves and stems of alfalfa plants, which results in a loss of quality of the forage. “Foliar diseases can also result in defoliation, which is a loss in yield and quality,” said Damon Smith, assistant professor in the department of plant pathology at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. 

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