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  • Brothers follow each other in organizing expo
    There’s something about those Hoener boys and the WIU Ag Mech Club Farm Expo. “I was joking with Greg, I said I don’t know what it is about you Hoener boys and having to run this show practically by yourselves,” said Bart Gill, assistant professor at Western Illinois University in Macomb. 
  • Battling bad buzz about seed treatments
    An industry-wide initiative to promote the safe handling and management of treated seed is underway as regulators in Europe and North America put a squeeze on its usage. 
  • Questions raised on use, value of some seed treatments
    Farmers who have long benefited from insecticide seed treatments may want to take a serious look at the practice in the future. Failure to do so could be costly. 
  • Expert offers tips on reducing stress in livestock
    Some seemingly innocuous things can panic a cow. Most of us would never notice them. But Temple Grandin does. 
  • Beck's Hybrids may add 30 jobs in Effingham
    Representatives from a seed company say they’re looking at adding an Effingham facility. Jim Zimmer is with Beck’s Hybrids Distribution and Research. He told city council members that the company is interested in Effingham. 
  • Canola fits in nicely at this Clinton County dairy
    Bryan Henrichs’ dairy is about as close to self-sufficient as a farm can be. He not only grows his own feed and straw, he also grows his fuel. 
  • Got milk? In Clinton County, answer is definitely yes
    Milk flows freely in Clinton County, which has by far more dairy farms and dairy cows than anywhere else in the state. But there is much more to agriculture here than milk. 
  • AgriNews plows into digital field
    AgriNews has you covered. Wherever you are, the popular farm newspaper is there. Get the latest agricultural news in print, at your keyboard and on the go. After launching a redesign of the Illinois and Indiana newspapers last fall, AgriNews now is working to improve its digital offerings. 
  • Hartman to lead ICGA
    Kenneth Hartman Jr., a farmer from Waterloo, has been elected president of the Illinois Corn Growers Association. Hartman has served on the ICGA board for six years, most recently as vice president. 
  • Study: Regulations helped small pig farmers
    A new study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln economists says environmental regulations have helped small hog farms stay in business by slowing the growth of larger confinements. 
  • Get your gardening on
    Purdue Extension is collaborating with the University of Illinois Extension to sponsor an annual seminar on gardening. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. EST Jan. 27, followed by a buffet dinner at 6 p.m. The seminar will begin at 6:45 p.m. at the Beef House Restaurant, 16501 State Route 63, Covington. 
  • Seed treatments, biologicals can help boost productivity
    As commodity prices level out, maximizing performance of corn and soybean seeds and plants has never been more important. 
  • Spotlight on consumer seed needs
    Allowing for the creation of better-tasting fruits and vegetables and more nutritious fruits and vegetables. Produce turf that’s better for sports and recreation. Create flowers that are more vibrant and pleasing with fragrance. Those are a few of the unseen advantages that improved seed technology can achieve. 
  • Seed industry reacts to lower price trend
    Despite a forecast of higher global and U.S. grain stocks that are driving commodity prices down, the mood of the U.S. seed industry remains upbeat, according to the CEO of the American Seed Trade Association. 
  • Cuba presents opportunities, challenges for U.S. ag
    Paul Johnson, executive director of the Illinois Cuba Working Group, admits to some fondness for Cuban products. Johnson has a long history of working for and in Cuba. 

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