Mike and Lynn Martz have been farming since 1979, when they formed the Larson Farms Partnership with Lynn’s father, Ray, and her brothers, Dave and Norm.

They spent the first nine years managing the cattle backgrounding operation in Wisconsin, raising the calves on pasture and getting them ready for the feedlot.

In 1988, they moved to the main farm in Maple Park, Ill. Mike worked with Lynn’s father managing the feedlot, where they use high-energy rations to finish the cattle, getting them ready for market. Lynn handled the billing for the custom feedlot.

In 1996, Lynn’s brothers, Norm and Dave, had the opportunity to work with Case IH to develop a crop scouting business, a service to farmers where professionals monitor and evaluate crop health and growth.

At that time, Lynn started to manage the cropping side of the farm, and her sister-in-law, Barb, Norm’s wife, took over the cattle billing as the crop acres began to grow in size.

Mike and Lynn's son, Justin, joined the Larson Farms Partnership in 2011.