Matt and Lisa Martin and their three children, Celeste, Chloe and Seth, are part of Monsanto’s America’s Farmers campaign. The campaign is an effort to share farmers’ stories and show values shared by producers and consumers.
Matt and Lisa Martin and their three children, Celeste, Chloe and Seth, are part of Monsanto’s America’s Farmers campaign. The campaign is an effort to share farmers’ stories and show values shared by producers and consumers.
KINGMAN, Ind. — The Martin family members’ passion for farming landed them a spot in a commercial that aired in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl.

The Martins were one of several families across the country featured in the America’s Farmers campaign by Monsanto.

The commercial, which shows vibrant images of the family on the farm, also was aired during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Matt and Lisa Martin, along with children Celeste, Chloe and Seth, shared their story about faith, farming and family.

“We’re a typical farm family,” said Matt Martin, a corn and soybean farmer in Kingman. “Everything we do, we do together.”

“The thing of it is we not only love each other, we like each other,” added Lisa Martin, part-time nurse and bookkeeper on the farm. “I don’t know anyone else I’d rather be around. Our faith and family — those things are what knit us together and get us through struggles.”

Lisa and Matt met in kindergarten, where Matt instantly was attracted to the girl who one day would become his wife.

Although Matt admits that his idea of flirting at the time — pulling on Lisa’s hair — was not the most effective strategy, the two grew up together and started dating in college.

“I didn’t grow up on a farm, so I had no idea how different it would be to live on one,” Lisa said. “I’ve come to love it. I love the unity of our family. Growing up we had neighbors, but on the farm we have each other.”

Being a tight-knit family is important to the Martins. Although Celeste and Chloe are away at college, the family still enjoys showing steers together in the summer, taking boat trips and traveling during the winter.

Matt farms the land alongside his father, Larry. The family farm has been in the area since the 1940s. All three of the children have expressed interest in returning to the farm.

“I had the opportunity to farm with my grandpa before he passed,” Matt said. “It’s been a neat experience as a family, getting to work together and now with our children. It’s great to have that heritage, background and history in agriculture.”

The experience of being featured on a commercial has been a positive, exciting one for the Martin family.

The family was nominated for the campaign by a friend. They were surprised when they learned the video would be aired during the Super Bowl.

“They brought 30-some people out for three days, set up production trucks and people to shoot the commercial,” Matt said. “They mentioned that it would play during the Macy’s parade and then maybe the Super Bowl. That got our attention, and we realized it was a big deal.

“We’ve had a great experience. The kids have loved it as much or more than we have.”

The Martins’ social media accounts exploded with responses from family and friends after the commercial aired.

“I had some people I hadn’t talked with in 10 or 20 years call me,” Lisa said. “It was great to hear from people that I hadn’t heard from in years.”

The America’s Farmers campaign highlights farms around the country in order to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.

The series of commercials draws upon the values that rural and urban audiences share.

“Monsanto is a leader in the ag industry, and we think it is important that we advocate on behalf of our farmers,” said Jessica Simmons, Monsanto spokeswoman. “We are always excited to tell the stories about families like the Martins.”

For Matt, picking his favorite aspect of being an Indiana farmer is impossible. From planting the seeds to harvest, he enjoys the process of watching crops grow. The ups and downs of farming are challenges that he and his family are ready to meet.

“For me, farming is in my blood,” he said. “We are all very blessed to have the opportunity to be stewards of the land and to use all the resources that the Lord has given us. It’s truly a blessing and a great responsibility.”

He also enjoys spending time with friends and members of the community that he and Lisa have known their whole life.

“I’m very blessed to have a great group of guys that help me and my father,” he said. “There’s 100 different reasons why I like farming in Indiana.”

Lisa added the family’s faith is at the forefront of their farm.

“Our faith in God, having our family unit knit together — that is our definition of success,” she said. “We are very thankful for our family. Agriculture and family are our passion. The commercial has been a neat way to show our family and I hope glorify God for all the good things he’s given to us.”