Bailey Farrer always loved being around livestock. She showed cattle and swine for 10 years in 4-H and now is a member of the Brock and Bridle Club at Purdue University.
Bailey Farrer always loved being around livestock. She showed cattle and swine for 10 years in 4-H and now is a member of the Brock and Bridle Club at Purdue University.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Bailey Farrer has Boilermaker in her blood. She is the 25th person in her family to attend Purdue University, and the campus is a second home to her.

Farrer, a junior from Royal Center, knows how to take advantage of every opportunity she can at Purdue. When she isn’t busy working as a teaching assistant, student ambassador or officer of one of several clubs, she can be found spending time with her sisters at the Delta Gamma Sorority.

Farrer decided to study animal sciences, with a focus on animal agribusiness, after a lifetime of being around agriculture.

“Agriculture was such a big part of my past, and it still is a big part of my present, so I knew that’s the route I wanted to take for the future,” she said. “Livestock is my passion, so that’s why I pursued a degree in animal sciences.

“I love Purdue. I looked into a couple of other colleges, but Purdue was clearly the best college for me. ... it’s opened so many doors.”

While she loves her family farm and small-town roots, Farrer isn’t afraid to take a chance and travel the world to find a career that’s right for her.

“In one sense, I’m your typical girl,” she said. “I’m a 4-H girl. I come from a very small farm town. I grew up by cornfields. However, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and see bigger things. No matter what, I won’t give up my home roots, but I’m not afraid to go out in the middle of nowhere and travel abroad.”

Eventually, Farrer hopes to make her way back home again. With a philosophy of “never forget where you came from,” she wants to use life lessons that her family instilled in her to guide her while she searches for her place in the world — and in the ag industry.

Farrer’s recent trip to Haiti also inspired her to be adventurous while pursuing her goals.

“I went to Haiti for a service learning project,” she said. “We went over Christmas break last year for a 10-day trip. What we did was visit different orphanages and interacted with little kids. That was a real eye-opener. We worked with a university over there.

“Students showed us their agriculture labs. We also went to a trade school, and they showed us their way of learning things. It was neat to see the agriculture side and be immersed in their city, as well.”

She described her time in Haiti as an opportunity to help others while learning about agriculture education abroad.

Along with her travels, one of Farrer’s favorite experiences is her time serving as an Indy 500 Festival Princess.

“It’s one of the top five experiences of my life,” she said. “Being in the state of Indiana, we all know what the Indy 500 is, but I was never a huge race fan. It was my first year going to the race, and I served as one of 33 Indy 500 festival princesses.”

Her responsibilities as a festival princess included several outreach efforts to share information about the race and all the activities with which the Indy 500 is involved.

She participated in fashion shows, visits to Riley Children’s Hospital and more.

Farrer also has had valuable internships. “I was able to work for Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health,” she said. “I loved my opportunity.”

This summer, she will work as a sales representative at Elanco Animal Health. She is considering a career as a livestock pharmaceutical saleswoman.