I’ve never seen a winter like this before. Piles of snow, ice everywhere and temperature highs that are below zero degrees — it is one bitter, cold winter!

When a big snowstorm hit recently, hundreds of drivers were left stranded, in ditches and on roadsides, due to hazardous conditions.

I am so grateful for the men and women for responded to emergency calls, as well as to all of the workers who worked 24/7 to plow snow off of the roads.

Winter roads can be a tricky thing — salt only works at certain temperatures. When it is below zero, chemicals and other methods are used in an attempt to help cars gain traction and slip less.

It’s definitely a science. I am so thankful for those pouring salt and working hard to get the state up and running again.

Even the Indiana National Guard came out to rescue stranded drivers and help in sticky situations. It’s a service that no one should take for granted.

As is the case with many pieces of farm equipment, snowplows are large and take up quite a bit of space on the roads. It is important to be patient and give them space while they are working. Passing a plow can be dangerous and put lives in jeopardy.

When roads are treacherous and I am scared to leave the driveway, I am thankful for the brave people who go out before me and make a path. This way we are able to continue our daily routines.

Sure, it may be a little slower commute than normal. But it beats driving over miles of unplowed, untreated ice and snow.

Soon the ice will melt, and before we know it, spring will crawl back into Indiana. Until then, let’s make the most of the season and be thankful for all that Indiana has to offer.