It’s frustrating when I read or listen to some of the so-called “facts” that are disseminated from special interest groups.

They often initially present themselves as knowledgeable folks who claim to know the truth about this or that, depending on their agenda. They feast on the gullible.

A few weeks ago, late on Friday afternoon, I received a phone call from one such group. The guy on the other end of the line said he wasn’t soliciting any contributions, but merely wanted to let me know about the Renewable Fuels Standard’s impact on food prices going forward and that I should contact my legislators to repeal RFS.

The bottom line, according to the caller, was RFS will require more and more corn being used to make ethanol so the mandate is reached.

After listening for a few minutes, I told him he needed to stop and asked if he knew that the RFS caps renewable biofuel made from corn-based ethanol at 15 billion gallons in 2015.

This year’s projection is 13.8 billion gallons, so we’re nearing the cap. That is the maximum under RFS.

I added the mandate after that moves to more advanced and cellulosic biofuels, neither of which is derived from corn.

I’ll admit I got a little rude after that, which I do regret. That’s not me. He was just a guy doing what he was told to do.

“Check the facts next time before you start calling people and telling them this because it isn’t true,” I said.

He apparently didn’t feel like arguing, and our conversation was over.

What bothered me about the conversation was: What if I wasn’t aware of what the RFS actually mandates and I took in all of this information as the truth and nothing but the truth and I would have thought the caller was right?

All of our corn was going to go to make fuel. OMG! How much will my cornflakes cost? Will my favorite soft drink double in price for a handy six pack?

Will people starve because they can’t afford meat due to the massive price hikes for corn to feed livestock since it’s all going to ethanol production?

So those 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel that we need to produce by 2022 is all going to be from corn?

The problem is special interest groups, no matter what the agenda, deliver whatever “facts” lean toward their goals.

In a world full of information, it doesn’t take much effort to seek and find the truth before reaching an informed conclusion. One just has to first wade through the … stuff.

This is something that farmers battle more and more each day, and it’s a shame. All they want to do is produce abundant, safe food for their families and the world in a sustainable way.