I’m sure I’m not the only one who is constantly getting lost. My phone’s GPS likes to take me on adventures, and because of this I have seen many back roads and small towns I would have never have seen otherwise.

It’s usually on these days, when I am lost or running late, that I find myself behind a huge combine taking up most of the road. While my instinct is to face palm myself, I know the right thing to do is be patient and let the farmer do his job.

There recently were several occasions in which I found myself driving behind farm equipment later in the evening.

When I see other cars honking and trying to get around, I shake my head. Clearly, the combine is bigger than you.

In the battle between you and the giant farm equipment, you will lose. But that doesn’t stop people from road rage.

This impatient attitude jeopardizes the safety the driver, the farmer, the surrounding vehicles and bystanders.

Furthermore, it’s not just on country roads that people try dangerous things to get where they are going. Sometimes the scariest moments happen on the interstate.

I admit I have a bit of a lead foot. But going fast isn’t as important as being safe. I wish people would slow down, stop tailgating and show respect to other people on the road.

It really is a matter of life and death. Accidents happen every day because of people not paying attention or driving too aggressively.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, whether it’s behind farm equipment or on the highway at 4:30 p.m. in the middle of rush hour, remember to stay calm and make smart choices. Stay alert and awake.

It’s important to teach these habits to children at a young age. Be a good example, so that when they are old enough to drive they have all the tools they need to be safe.

If you find yourself on the road frustrated, find your happy place. It will make a difference when it comes to making good choices on the road.