Every summer a different commodity is highlighted at the Indiana State Fair.

There’s been “Year of the Corn,” “Year of the Dairy Cow” and many other themes, but this year is unlike anything we’ve seen.

2014 is the “Year of the Coliseum,” and if you’ve been in Indianapolis lately you have probably already heard. News channels are buzzing, people are talking and fair officials are beaming with pride at their accomplishment.

Although the outside is the same, the inside of the coliseum is safer, more modern and better than ever.

New elevators, LED screens, improved lighting, a spacious lobby and a new sound system are some of the features of the new building.

The renovations have changed the interior of the coliseum, but the heart remains the same: dedicated to agricultural education and the future of farming in Indiana. The building was designed to be a premier livestock arena.

It also will serve as a basketball court, ice skating rink and concert stage throughout the year. This summer Hunter Hayes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Phillip Phillips and Pitbull are some of the artists who will perform in the new venue.

When I first walked in the new coliseum, I felt impressed. It’s like the old coliseum, only better.

It feels cleaner and more open, but still has the same spirit as before. It feels like home.

I’m sure that when Aug. 1 rolls around and people pour in for this year’s state fair, fairgoers will fall in love with the coliseum all over again.