We live in a world where it’s all about profit and making more money than your competitors. For me, it is refreshing to see a team such as the Indianapolis Colts take time to acknowledge that there are bigger issues out there than football stats and filling stands.

The Colts worked with the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance to pack meals as part of the “Million Meal Marathon” in Indianapolis. Thousands of volunteers poured into Lucas Oil Stadium to support the cause.

The meals that were packed by volunteers, including more than 200 FFA members, will be distributed through several local food banks, such as Gleaners and Second Harvest.

It put a huge smile on my face as I read about the Colts team standing alongside the corn marketing council and the soybean alliance. I was especially happy when I clicked on this link: www.colts.com/fanzone/contests-and-promotions/hoosierhorsepower.html.

The first thing I saw was the face of Corey Redding, Colts defensive, on a banner that said, “Farms Matter.”

For every tackle the Colts make this season $10 will be donated to Kids Against Hunger. So far, Redding alone has made 26 tackles.

The Colts hope to raise meal funds for as many children as would fit inside Lucas Oil Stadium. That’s a whopping 67,000 seats.

I know I’ll be cheering them on, and with a different point of view. With every tackle not only will I see my team get closer to the Super Bowl, but closer to feeding food-insecure families across the state.

As a football fan, it delights me to see sports teams helping a good cause. I love football, but I know there are things that are bigger and more important than football.

Several Colts players and team leaders clearly acknowledge this. What a good time to be a part of the Indy community.