I had the privilege of attending Dig In, a farm-to-field culinary experience in downtown Indianapolis. While exploring the grounds and enjoying the sunshine, I saw something that put a smile on my face — people eating, laughing and talking about food.

The park where Dig In took place was packed with smiling, happy people. Families and groups of adults alike wandered the park to check items off of their food passport.

Long lines to try new foods seemed more like opportunities to talk and meet new people. A truck full of sunflowers gave away a stem to each passerby at the entrance.

What a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy Indiana food!

Festivals like this, to me, are such a smart way to celebrate food and agriculture. Putting emphasis on Indiana businesses, chefs, foods and farms brings attention to the importance of all these factors.

There are so many opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy events like this. Going to farmers markets, visiting local stores and enjoying festivals are all great ways to be involved with your community.

Dig In reminded me a lot of Vintage Indiana, a wine festival held every summer in Indy. It also was reminiscent of other fairs and festivals I’ve visited in the past.

I’ve always been a picky eater, but I can honestly say working at AgriNews, going to these events and talking to farmers has inspired me to try new fruits and vegetables that I normally wouldn’t. I almost always like what I try.

I still haven’t escaped my comfort zone with trying new meat, but for meat lovers, there were plenty of options to try at Dig In — duck, lamb and other foods that are a smaller part of an average diet.

It was fun to see Indiana food being prepared by master chefs and presented in a high-class style. It shows how Indiana embraces its culture, food and lifestyle.

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