I have a knack of falling in love with hobbies that I have absolutely no skill set for, such as beekeeping and aquaculture.

Through the various field days and seminars I have covered while working for AgriNews, I have had the immense pleasure of hearing several experts speak on honeybees and the basics to beginning beekeeping.

Every time I hear one of these talks, I truly am amazed by the tiny winged creatures and the inner workings of a beehive.

However, there are two major reasons that I would not make a very good beekeeper, with the main one being that I am scared of getting stung by bees, plus even though I have the largest sweet tooth in the world, I am not a fan of honey.

Since beekeeping does not appear to be my forte, there is the aquaculture industry, which is growing quickly in Indiana, and I recently had the chance to visit Bell Aquaculture, which is helping lead the fish movement in the state.

From the moment I stepped foot into the facility, I believe my jaw dropped open from everything I saw and learned about aquaculture, and it didn’t shut until I was back on the road driving home.

The technology and equipment used at Bell Aquaculture to help hatch and raise the more than three million yellow perch the fish farm has is the top of the line.

Sadly, I do not believe I would make a very good employee, though, because I can’t even keep my son’s goldfish alive for more than a week — but, in my defense, I did not realize that goldfish could jump out of fishbowls!

After, I was done touring the facility, the president of Bell Aquaculture took me to lunch at a local restaurant, Lil Bistro, which serves Bell yellow perch not only in filets, but also on a pizza.

Once he realized I had ordered chicken fingers because I am not a huge fan of fish, he decided that I had to try some of the fish, so he ordered the perch pizza.

I have to admit that I was really hesitant and maybe even stalled a little bit by asking more questions and insisting that I had to write down the president’s answers, but when I finally took a bit of the “fishy” pizza, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I didn’t hate it.

However, since I still lack the ability to be a beekeeper and to raise fish, along with lacking the taste for honey or fish, I believe I will stick to writing as a career choice and a hobby.