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  • Adams County

    July 23-29 – Adams County Fair, Adams County Fairgrounds, Mendon.


    Bond County

    July 31-Aug. 5 – Bond County Fair, Bond County Fairgrounds, Greenville.


    Boone County

    Aug. 5-10 – Boone County Fair, Boone County Fairgrounds, Belvidere.


    Brown County

    July 28-Aug. 2 – Brown County Fair, Brown County Fairgrounds, Mount Sterling.


    Bureau County

    Aug. 20-24 – Bureau County Fair, Bureau County Fairgrounds, Princeton.


    Calhoun County

    Sept. 4-7 – Calhoun County Junior Fair, Calhoun County Fairgrounds, Hardin.


    Carroll County

    Aug. 5-9 – Carroll County Fair, Carroll County Fairgrounds, Milledgeville.


    Cass County

    July 15-19 – Cass County Fair, Cass County Fairgrounds, Virginia.


    Champaign County

    July 8-12 – Fisher Community Fair and Horse Show, Fisher.

    July 18-26 – Champaign County Fair, Champaign County Fairgrounds, Urbana.


    Christian County

    July 22-27 – Christian County Fair, Christian County Fairgrounds, Taylorville.

    Aug. 27-Sept. 1 – Pana Tri-County Fair, Pana Tri-County Fairgrounds, Pana.


    Clark County

    July 6-12 – Martinsville Agricultural Fair, Martinsville.

    July 26-Aug. 2 – Clark County Fair, Clark County Fairgrounds, Marshall.


    Clay County

    July 19-27 – Clay County Fair, Clay County Fairgrounds, Flora.


    Clinton County

    July 13-19 – Clinton County Fair, Clinton County Fairgrounds, Carlyle.


    Coles County

    July 27-Aug. 3 – Coles County Fair, Coles County Fairgrounds, Charleston.


    Crawford County

    July 19-26 – Crawford County Fair, Crawford County Fairgrounds, Oblong.


    Cumberland County

    Aug. 16-23 – Greenup-Cumberland County Fair, Cumberland County Fairgrounds, Greenup.


    DeKalb County

    Sept. 3-7 – Sandwich Fair, Sandwich Fairgrounds, Sandwich.


    DeWitt County

    July 15-19 – Farmer City/DeWitt County Fair, Farmer City.


    DuPage County

    July 23-27 – DuPage County Fair, DuPage County Fairgrounds, Wheaton.


    Edgar County

    July 19-26 – Edgar County Fair, Edgar County Fairgrounds, Paris.


    Edwards County

    July 16-26 – Edwards County Fair, Edwards County Fairgrounds, Albion.


    Effingham County

    Aug. 1-9 – Effingham County Fair, Effingham County Fairgrounds, Alt amont.


    Fayette County

    July 13-19 – Fayette County Fair, Fayette County Fairgrounds, Brownstown.


    Ford County

    June 22-28 – Ford County Fair and 4-H Show, Ford County Fairgrounds, Melvin.


    Franklin County

    July 10-17 – Franklin County 4-H and Junior Fair, Rend Lake College, Ina.


    Fulton County

    July 21-26 – Fulton County Fair, Fulton County Fairgrounds, Lewistown.


    Gallatin County

    Sept. 4-14 – Gallatin County Fair, Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Ridgway.


    Greene County

    June 14-21 – Greene County Agricultural Fair, Greene County Fairgrounds, Carrollton.


    Grundy County

    July 2-6 – Grundy County Agricultural District Fair, Grundy County Fairgrounds, Morris.


    Hamilton County

    June 13-21 – McLeansboro Fair, Hamilton County Fairgrounds, McLeansboro.


    Hancock County

    July 16-20 – Hancock County Fair, Hancock County Fairgrounds, Augusta.


    Henderson County

    July 13-19 – Henderson County Fair, Henderson County Fairgrounds, Stronghurst.


    Henry County

    June 24-29 – Henry County Fair, Henry County Fairgrounds, Cambridge.


    Iroquois County

    July 16-21 – Iroquois County Fair, Iroquois County Fairgrounds, Crescent City.


    Jasper County

    June 22-28 – Jasper County Fair, Jasper County Fairgrounds, New ton.


    Jefferson County

    July 18-26 – Jefferson County Youth Fair, Franklin-Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Ina.


    Jersey County

    July 5-13 – Jersey County Fair, Jersey County Fairgrounds, Jerseyville.


    Jo Daviess County

    July 18-20 – Elizabeth Community Fair, Elizabeth.

    July 31-Aug. 3 – Jo Daviess County Fair, Jo Daviess County Fairgrounds, Warren.


    Kane County

    July 16-20 – Kane County Fair, Kane County Fairgrounds, St. Charles.


    Kankakee County

    July 30-Aug. 3 – Kankakee County Fair, Kankakee County Fairgrounds, Kankakee.


    Kendall County

    July 31-Aug. 3 – Kendall County Fair and 4-H Show, Kendall County Fairgrounds, Yorkville.


    Knox County

    July 16-19 – Knox County Fair, Knox County Fairgrounds, Knoxville.


    Lake County

    July 23-27 – Lake County Fair, Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake.


    La Salle County

    July 9-13 – La Salle County 4-H Show and Junior Fair, La Salle County 4-H Fairgrounds, Ottawa.

    Aug. 29-Sept. 1 – Mendota Tri County Fair, Mendota Fairgrounds, Mendota.


    Lawrence County

    July 26-Aug. 1 – Lawrence County Junior Fair, Lawrence County Fairg rounds, Sumner.


    Lee County

    July 24-27 – Lee County 4-H Fair and Junior Show, Lee County 4-H Center, Amboy.


    Livingston County

    July 14-17 – Livingston County 4-H Fair, 4-H Park, Pontiac.

    Aug. 6-9 – Cullom Junior Fair, Cullom.

    Aug. 13-17 – Fairbury Fair, Fairbury.


    Logan County

    July 29-Aug. 3 – Logan County Fair, Logan County Fairgrounds, Lin coln.


    Macoupin County

    June 23-28 – Macoupin County Fair, Macoupin County Fairgrounds, Carlinville.


    Madison County

    July 22-27 – Madison County Fair, Madison County Fairgrounds, Hig hland.


    Marion County

    July 26-Aug. 2 – Marion County Fair, Marion County Fairgrounds, Salem.


    Marshall-Putnam Counties

    July 9-13 – Marshall-Putnam Fair, Marshall-Putnam Fairgrounds, Henry.


    Mason County

    July 21-24 – Mason County 4-H Fair and Junior Show, Mason County Fairgrounds, Havana.


    Massac County

    July 11-19 – Massac County Youth Fair, Massac County Fairgrounds, Metropolis.


    McDonough County

    July 13-17 – McDonough County 4-H and Junior Show, McDonough County Fairgrounds, Macomb.


    McHenry County

    July 30-Aug. 3 – McHenry County Fair, McHenry County Fairgrounds, Woodstock.


    McLean County

    July 30-Aug. 3 – McLean County Fair and 4-H Show, Interstate Center, Bloomington.


    Menard County

    July 15-20 – Menard County Fair, Menard County Fairgrounds, Petersburg.


    Mercer County

    July 6-12 – Mercer County Fair, Mercer County Fairgrounds, Aledo.


    Monroe County

    July 20-27 – Monroe County Fair, Monroe County Fairgrounds, Waterloo.


    Montgomery County

    June 18-22 – Montgomery County Fair, Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Butler.


    Morgan County

    July 9-13 – Morgan County Fair, Morgan County Fairgrounds, Jac ksonville.


    Moultrie-Douglas Counties

    July 6-12 – Moultrie-Douglas County Fair, Arthur High School, Arthur.

    July 25-26 – Moultrie-Sullivan Junior Fair, 4-H Center, Sullivan.


    Ogle County

    July 30-Aug. 3 – Ogle County Fair, Ogle County Fairgrounds, Oregon.


    Peoria County

    July 11-19 – Heart of Illinois Fair, Exposition Gardens, Peoria.


    Perry County

    June 14-21 – Perry County Ag Society Fair, Perry County Fairgrounds, Pinckneyville.


    Piatt County

    June 17-22 – Piatt County Junior Fair, Piatt County Fairgrounds, Cerro Gordo.


    Pike County

    June 25-29 – Western Illinois Fair, Western Illinois Fairgrounds, Griggsville.

    July 17-20 – Pike County Fair, Pike County Fairgrounds, Pleasant Hill.


    Pulaski County

    Aug. 10-16 – Pulaski County Fair, Pulaski County Fairgrounds, Pulaski.


    Randolph County

    July 11-20 – Randolph County Fair, Randolph County Fairgrounds, Sparta.


    Richland County

    July 4-12 – Richland County Fair, Richland County Fairgrounds, Olney.


    Rock Island County

    June 17-21 – Rock Island County Agricultural Fair and Expo, Rock Island County Fairgrounds, East Moline.

    St. Clair County

    Aug. 6-9 – St. Clair County Fair, Belle Clair Fairgrounds Park, Belleville.


    Saline County

    July 20-26 – Saline County Fair, Saline County Fairgrounds, Har risburg.


    Sangamon County

    June 18-22 – Sangamon County Fair, Sangamon County Fairgrounds, New Berlin.


    Schuyler County

    July 1-6 – Schuyler County Fair and Livestock Show, Schuyler County Fairgrounds, Rushville.


    Scott County

    July 27-Aug. 1 – Scott County 4-H Fair and Junior Show, Scott County Fairgrounds, Winchester.


    Shelby County

    July 14-17 – Shelby County 4-H and Junior Fair, Shelby County Fairgrounds, Shelbyville.


    Stark County

    July 25-28 – Stark County Junior Fair and 4-H Show, Stark County Fairgrounds, Wyoming.


    Stephenson County

    July 8-13 – Stephenson County Fair, Stephenson County Fairgrounds, Freeport.


    Tazewell County

    July 28-30 – Tazewell County 4-H Show and Junior Fair, Mineral Springs Park, Pekin.


    Union County

    Aug. 15-23 – Southern Illinois Fair, Anna City Park, Anna.


    Vermilion County

    June 24-28 – Vermilion County Fair and Expo, Vermilion County Fairgrounds, Danville.

    Aug. 2-9 – Georgetown Agricultural Fair, Georgetown.


    Wabash County

    July 18-25 – Wabash County Youth Exhibition, Wabash County Fairgrounds, Mt. Carmel.


    Warren County

    July 19-26 – Warren County Agricultural Fair, Warren County Fairgrounds, Roseville.


    Washington County

    July 8-12 – Nashville Washington County Fair, Washington County Fairgrounds, Nashville.

    Sept. 12-14 – Okawville Ag Products Fair, Okawville Community Club Park, Okawville.


    Wayne County

    July 12-19 – The New Wayne County Agricultural Fair, Wayne County Fairgrounds, Fairfield.


    White County

    July 26-Aug. 2 – White County Fair, White County Fairgrounds, Carmi.


    Whiteside County

    Aug. 12-16 – Whiteside County Fair, Whiteside County Fairgrounds, Morrison.


    Will County

    Aug. 20-24 – Will County Fair, Will County Fairgrounds, Peotone.


    Williamson County

    Aug. 4-9 – Williamson County Fair, Williamson County Fairgrounds, Marion.


    Winnebago County

    Aug. 12-17 – Winnebago County Fair, Winnebago County Fairgrounds, Pecatonica.


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