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  • Safety steps to reduce farm work injuries
    Avoiding farm work injuries that interfere with fall harvest can pay big financial dividends for crop producers. Lost time during fall harvest can cost a producer hundreds of dollars per day.
  • Tropical weather spawns ongoing disease issues
    SPONSORED: When the weather turns tropical in Illinois, corn diseases that love heat and humidity take over.
  • Expect changes in production forecasts
    Following the release of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s September Crop Production report, market discussion immediately turned to the likely size of the final corn and soybean production estimates to be released in January. Those estimates will reflect possible changes in both yield and acreage estimates.
  • Leaf diseases show up late in Indiana corn crop
    SPONSORED: Leaf diseases in the Indiana corn crop took a while to show up, but the good news is that their late arrival should do little damage to the crop, said Kiersten Wise, associate professor of botany and plant pathology at Purdue University.
  • FFA officers busy advocating for ag
    The state officer team has been incredibly busy ever since we were elected. Some of the events we have attended seemed to have focused around one central theme: maximizing awareness.
  • Big news about Palmer amaranth
    It happened so fast in so many ways. Palmer amaranth has marched right into Illinois fields from the South, and its stubborn invasiveness is hard to beat. Killing off the weed wasn’t so much of an issue three or four years ago, but today it’s a doozy.
  • Mazes lead to corny good times
    It’s no secret that I love the agriculture industry, and I am passionate about advocating for agriculture and helping to preserve the future of the industry.
  • Be patient our you’ll be a patient
    I highly doubt that what I’m about to write will be read by the folks that it’s aimed at because they’re clueless about agriculture, but here goes. Harvest is in high gear, and motorists need to be alert and be patient — or you will be a patient.
  • Reaching noteworthy milestones
    No matter what the occasion is or what is being celebrated, whether it is graduating college or learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels, a milestone of any kind is something that deserves fanfare of some kind.
  • What will ag mergers mean to farmers?
    Several years ago while attending Beck’s first field day at its Central Illinois Practice Research Farm near Downs, I received a poster that broke down which company owns various seed products. There were many that I was aware of, but also some surprises.

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